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умом россию не понять...

In the tradition of very witty conceptual artists Komar and Melamid, comes the art duo of Alexander Vinogradov and Vladimir Dubosarsky who play with Socialist Realism styled painting with an entirely different subject matter = like this bucolic Russian scene with a hardcore orgy called “Harvest Celebration.” I wonder if there are any porn producers planning to socialist realist styles in their films, or if it’s already been done.

russian orgy art

Doubosarsky Vladimir
1964 Born in Moscow
1980-1984 Studied in Moscow Art College
1989-1995 Studied in Moscow State Art Institute (named after Sourikov)
Since 1994 Works with Vinogradov Alexander

Vinogradov Alexander
1963 Born in Moscow
1980-1984 Studied in Moscow Art College
1989-1995 Studied in Moscow State Art Institute (named after Sourikov)
Since 1994 Works with Doubosarsky Vladimir

Personal exhibitions
Our Best World. Jeffrey Deitch gallery, New York, USA.
Total painting, Xl-gallery, Moscow
Painting for Finland. MUU gallery, Helsinki.
Show in Vilma Gold gallery, London.
How are you,Ladies and Gentelmen? Claudio Poleschi Gallery, Lucca, Italy.
Picture for London. Vilma Gold gallery, London.
Inspiration, XL-gallery, Moscow
P.S. Guelman Gallery, Moscow.
Erntedankfest. Atelier-Ester Freund, Vienna
Etudes, L-Gallery, Moscow
Russian Literature. Guelman Gallery, Moscow.
Celebration. Guelman Gallery, Moscow.
Bluhende Landschaften. Galerie Kay Higelmann, Berlin, Germany.
Picture for Reichstag. Art Gallery of Kay Hilgemann, Berlin, Germany.

Group exhibitions
Returning of the Artist. 50 Bienalle in Venice,Venice,Italy.
Urgent painting. Musee d'Art Modern de la Ville de Paris.
Davai. Russian Art Now"Aus dem Laboratorium der Freien Kunste in Russland, Berlin.
Biennale San Paolo, Brazil
Davai. MAKmuseum, Vienna.
Russian Madness. Valencia Biennale, Spain.
Moscow workshop. Art-Moscow, Central House of Artists, Moscow.
Players. Watermill Center of Robert Wilson, USA.
Russian artists in Vienna Schloss Grafenegg Vienna Austria.
Escape. 2Tirana Biennale, Albain.
I hate you in June. Ein Harod Museum, Israel.
In &Out. 1 Tirana Biennale, Albain.
Guelman's collectione. Russian Museum, Peterburg, Russia.

Russian Orgy Art by Art Pranksters Vladimir Dubosarsky and Alexander Vinogradov

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    что-то меня зацепило в фотоработах сегодня часть 1 ЖМИ ТЕБЕ НЕ СЛОЖНО - МНЕ ПРИЯТНО…

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