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во, как у меня подружка!!

Оригинал взят у a_vaganova в Брюнетка

Новое видео от Кифира, о том, как мы съездили в Уфу на Анимау 2012.

В ролях:
Harley Quinn - Ryoko
Poison Ivy - Rei
Wonder Woman - Kaori_Daimond
Cat Woman - Elle Blink
Joker - Гришан
Two-Face - Hideki
Power Girl - Лиса
Zatanna - Saoko Tai

Camera man and Film cutter - Kifir http://www.flickr.com/photos/kifir/sets/ http://kifir.deviantart.com/
Camera man 2 - Predator http://www.flickr.com/photos/38226685@N06/sets/

Music: Kamon -- Эй, детка, я теперь брюнетка

All rights for the audio content in this video belongs to the recording artists and record labels. This video is purely not commercial and was made with the consent of all the people involved and with due respect to the artists as from fans.

Tags: анимэ, видео, интересно, позитив

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