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Pierre Dal Corso's 'Primal' with Lorena for Schön! 15 Ladies & Gentlemen

Note | Nudity Holiday greetings have arrived from Paris, compliments of one of my favorite photographers, friend-to-women Pierre Dal Corso. Pierre's new story 'Primal' featuring Lorena @ Nathalie Models, Paris came out today in Schon Magazine, with styling by Emeline Piot.

AOC fans deeply appreciate Pierre Dal Corso's approach to imaging female sensuality and eroticism -- based on consistent page views of all his editorials, past and present. I've referenced Pierre's and my dialogue about his artistic focus on sensuality, and it is a personal goal of mine to support his growth as a photographer.

The best way that we can honor Pierre Dal Corso's talent is to present the images with no competing distractions -- the antithesis of how the Internet works. But then I never did follow orthodoxy and boys club rules. Anne

Note: see Pierre's other very popular editorial of Lorena after images. 

Tags: взгляд, гламур, животные, странности, фетиш, фотосессия

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